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Our scholarships are made possible thanks to our valued partners.

Their ongoing support and generosity helps us remove barriers for high-potential talent who want to work on bold ideas. Our partners also play a collaborative role in providing resources, expertise, and mentorship for our programs.

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Credit Suisse

$15,000 Master of Entrepreneurship Scholarship

The Credit Suisse Scholarship is offered to an emerging high-potential entrepreneur to support and nurture their startup journey.

Credit Suisse also provide $10,000 to a ‘Best Startup Pitch’ prize for graduates of the Master of Entrepreneurship who most effectively pitch their start-up ideas to a panel of investors and leading entrepreneurs at the end of year Pitch Night.

Scholarship recipients: Mond Qu (2016), Sakshi Thakur (2017), Amila Waniganayake (2018) and Mackinley Campbell (2019). 


“I hope that the Master of Entrepreneurship and having Credit Suisse as a support partner will enable me to help others while utilising my business acumen to make an impact in the education sector. By leveraging Credit Suisse’s vast resources and building a strong network for the future, I hope to make the most of the opportunities offered by Credit Suisse.”

Amila Waniganayake, 2018 Credit Suisse Scholarship Recipient


$25,000 Master of Entrepreneurship Scholarship

The MYOB Scholarship is offered to an emerging entrepreneur to support and nurture their learning in entrepreneurship and innovation.

MYOB also offers a free subscription to MYOB Essentials for all Master of Entrepreneurship students to use within their first year of business.

Scholarship recipients:  Melanie Williams (2017),  Jaxon Hickey (2018) and Jarrah Goodwill (2019).


“MYOB’s support has enabled me to move interstate and leave work commitments behind to fully immerse myself in the world of entrepreneurship. I look forward to developing the processes, techniques and skills required to generate solutions to real world problems that I am passionate about.”

Jaxon Hickey, 2018 MYOB Scholarship Recipient

Amanda Coote

$25,000 Master of Entrepreneurship Impact Entrepreneur Scholarship

The Impact Entrepreneur Scholarship is offered to support an emerging entrepreneur with the potential to positively impact social or environmental challenges.

Amanda Coote, cofounder of Forever New, is also a founding advisory board member of the University of Melbourne’s Impact Entrepreneurship Program, Compass.  Amanda also provides the scholarship recipient mentorship and other support.

Scholarship Recipients: Laura Youngson (2017), Roni Steiger (2018) and Nolana Lynch (2019).


“Amanda Coote‘s scholarship enables me to dive fully into the program and immerse myself in the network of ideas, people and impact. It’s invaluable to have the support of an entrepreneur who has been through the business cycle before and can provide real world advice along the journey.”

Laura Youngson, 2017 Amanda Coote Impact Entrepreneur Scholarship Recipient

Neville & Di Bertalli

2 x $25,000 Master of Entrepreneurship Agribusiness Scholarships

The Neville & Di Bertalli Scholarship is offered to two emerging entrepreneurs with a demonstrated commitment to the agricultural sector. Established by Neville and Di Bertalli, the opportunity is all about inspiring entrepreneurs to change the future of Australia’s agricultural practices and food production.

Scholarship recipients: Edwina Mani and Sarah Last (2016),
Claire Bremner and Paul Lockwood (2018) and Cameron Ensor and Sangeeta Mulchandani (2019). 


“I’ve often thought ‘wouldn’t it be good if…’ and followed it with an idea of something new/different. Sometimes I pursued these ideas, sometimes life got in the way or the idea hit a brick wall. I’m doing the Masters to give these ideas the time they deserve and see if I can do something cool.”

Sarah Last, 2016 Neville & Di Bertalli Scholarship Recipient

Wade Institute Benefactors

$20,000 Master of Entrepreneurship STEMM Scholarship

This scholarship is offered to a student with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine) discipline who is interested in commercialising their STEMM research or ideas.

Scholarship recipients:  Milosh Lee (2017), Andrew Rowse (2017, Semester 2), Willian Korim (2018) and Karolina Petkovic (2019).

Financial Assistance

Wade Institute also provides financial assistance for Master of Entrepreneurship students with a high financial need.


“This scholarship is allowing me to learn new entrepreneurial skills while introducing me to powerful networks and communities. I envision that this support will result in the improvement of the health and quality of life for Australians by accelerating the creation of new technologies and treatments.”

Willian Korim, 2018 STEMM Scholarship Recipient

LaunchVic Benefactors

VC Catalyst Diversity Scholarship

Thanks to the generous support of LaunchVic, this scholarship is offered to up to five participants of VC Catalyst.

The VC Catalyst Diversity Scholarship is for investment-ready Victorians who will demonstratively use VC Catalyst to promote and support a more diverse and inclusive startup and investment ecosystem in Victoria.

Financial Assistance

LaunchVic provides further support to VC Catalyst participants, with a 20% fee reduction for eligible Victorian investors.


Ormond College Benefactors

Up to $20,000 in scholarship funding available for Master of Entrepreneurship students 

Major contributors include Bill Hopper, Janet and Andrew Michelmore, Annie and John Paterson Foundation, Alex and Rob Priestley, and David Williamson.

Wade Institute is located on the Ormond College campus, a thriving entrepreneurial and academic precinct with access to seven meals a week, on-site gym, counselling services, resident academics and weekly social and sporting activities.