This year we are celebrating International Women’s Day through the lens of UN Women’s 2022 theme, Changing climates: equality today for a sustainable tomorrow which recognises the contribution of women and girls around the world who are working to change the climate of gender equality and build a sustainable future. We’ve brought in our outstanding UpSchool K-12 alumni – teachers and educators who are on the frontline of breaking down barriers and empowering the next generation of Australian women – to hear what equality today for a sustainable tomorrow means to them.

Justine Hamilton
Head of Middle Years, Fintona Girls School
2019 UpSchool Alumna
Wade Institute UpSchool Facilitator

“As a woman, I have always strived for my personal best, to soar within my career, to make a difference. This has been a dream that has not always been easy to achieve and makes taking part in days such as International Womens Day close to my heart. The opportunity to stop and celebrate the achievement of all women across the globe, the opportunity to bring focus to the need for parity, the opportunity to model a way forward for young women and our daughters….that is a day worth celebrating. #breakingthebias”

Pip Madden
6B Mentor & Teacher, Mentone Grammar
2019 UpSchool Alumna
Wade Institute UpSchool Facilitator

“When I ask Year 6 girls to draw an entrepreneur, a CEO, an engineer, a prime minister, they typically draw men. When I ask them how they want to feel at school, they usually suggest ‘safe’. These are the teachable moments that I relish; opportunities to ignite real and life-changing conversations. Opportunities to critically explore and challenge assumptions, bias and stereotypes. Opportunities to provide necessary space and time for inspirational blue-sky thinking. IWD is a day to take stock and reset my goals and ambitions. It’s a day to refuel and strengthen my resolve to propel yet another group of young people forward with the skills, values and dispositions to create a more equitable and sustainable today and tomorrow.”

Szuen Lim
Learning Area Leader Commerce, Teacher, Caufield Grammar School
2021 UpSchool Alumna

“It’s about acknowledging how the climate of gender equality has changed over the years, while also identifying new opportunities to build a future where women are able to have real choice, the ability to choose what to do with their lives without internal or external barriers. As educators, we are in a privileged position where we can empower young women and men to challenge stereotypes. We can encourage them to support each other’s endeavours. We can inspire them to create a world where all voices are heard.”

Karyn Murray
Head of Tay Creggan – Year 9 Campus, Strathcona Girls Grammar
2019 UpSchool Alumna

“To me, IWD is about teaching young women about the contributions and sacrifices of those who have preceded them and inspiring them to recognise the countless ways – big and small, that they can build a more equal, sustainable world.”

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