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Students take TEDx Melbourne main stage!

11th September 2017

Out of only 12 speakers taking the TEDx Melbourne stage for ‘Rebels, Revolutionaries & US’, we’re thrilled to see that 2 are our own University of Melbourne Master of Entrepreneurship students from our community!

We couldn’t be more proud of Laura Youngson and Mond Qu and their hard work to create change and disrupt traditional ways of thinking!

The man behind TEDx Melbourne, Jon Yeo, even came to our campus to chat with our rebels for this sneak peek of their amazing ‘Ideas worth Spreading’, facilitated by another Master of Entrepreneurship alumna who’s revolutionising who young girls see pathways to step up and startup!

Register tickets to see their full talks live at TEDxMelbourne 2017: Rebels, Revolutionaries and Us on 19 Sept 17 via

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