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Application Tips: 5-min video pitch

15th November 2016

Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship is a leading centre for entrepreneurial training. We deliver a range of programs,  including The University of Melbourne’s Master of Entrepreneurship.

Submitting a 5 minute video pitch is one of three simple requirements to apply for The University of Melbourne’s Master of Entrepreneurship.

The other two requirements are:

•  transcripts for an undergraduate degree in any discipline (min. 65% grade point average equivalent to University of Melbourne); and
• complete an online questionnaire.

Click here for more info on entry requirements.

The video pitch is your opportunity to show the selection committee your passion for entrepreneurship. In the video, they’d love to hear about:

1. You and your journey

2. Why you want to be an entrepreneur

3. What you hope to get out of the course


Do I need to pitch an idea in the video? No, the video is to help the selection committee understand who YOU are. If you have an idea you’re passionate about, they’d love to hear about it. But a pre-existing idea is not a requirement for the video or entry into the course.

What happens after I submit my application? The selection committee will review your submission and contact shortlisted candidates for an interview. Please refer to this link for application and respective interview dates.

What file format should I use? Ideally, .avi format as this most consistently works on the system. But any easily playable format will be fine. If the video doesn’t work, then you’ll be contacted directly.

Who will see my video pitch? Only the selection committee will see your video. The selection committee is made up of The University of Melbourne staff and faculty. After the selection process, the video is stored securely.

What if my video isn’t very creative? What the selection committee cares about the most is your story, so don’t overthink it. You could even film it on your iPhone or just talk to the camera, as long as you can convey your message clearly and effectively. But if you have a creative flair, they’d love to see it!

Need more info? Contact us on (Skype appointments available for interstate/international enquiries)

Wade Institute of Entrepreneurship is a leading centre for entrepreneurial education. We deliver programs to accelerate learning, creation and connection.

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