Startup Sprint

A fun weekend bootcamp to test the entrepreneurial waters!

Roll up your sleeves and get a taste for the fundamental steps of building a startup. Learn how to validate your business ideas and meet inspiring experts, mentors and like-minded entrepreneurs-to-be in a supportive and fast-paced environment.

You’ll gain:

  • A practical toolkit to test, validate and refine your business idea
  • Fundamentals of pitch preparation and delivery
  • Design thinking principles
  • New network of people who are just as driven as you are to turn ideas into action

By application only. Next sprint in November 2018.

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Next intake: ~Nov 2018 (not yet open)

Cost: Free and all meals fully catered.

Who should apply: If you’re a do-er who loves new ideas and is curious about what it takes to start something, this is the first step. Don’t feel intimidated, this is a fully-supported experience and open to applicants of all levels of experience.

Limited free accommodation available for interstate applicants.

Startup Story

Sarah & Ting, Co-founders of m-Time

In 2015, Sarah was on track to study Law and Ting was completing her PhD in Neurobiology. They had never met before but both had a hunger for ambitious challenges and wanted to see how far they could take the ideas they would play around with in their minds.

They ended up meeting at our first weekend startup bootcamp, 3DS, and together they co-founded m-Time. The venture was born from concerns about the lack of support available for parents who are juggling kids, work, social life and general life admin.

“When I heard Ting pitch it, I asked her a bunch of questions about it…and people thought I was having a go at her! But I just thought it was such a cool idea,” says Sarah.

Since then, they’ve turned the idea into a growing business that connects busy parents with m-Time concierges who visit households to perform a variety of domestic tasks including cleaning, laundry, bookkeeping and looking after the kids.

After lighting the spark, they turned their weekend momentum into a real business with revenue, customers and staff.


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Q: What if I can’t stay for the entire weekend?

A: This is an intensive, full-throttle weekend. To get the most out of it, you really need to be there for the entire weekend. If you can’t, please let us know when you apply or via email on and we can guide you on what to do.

Q: Can I sleepover at Wade for the weekend?

A: We have limited on-site accommodation for interstate participants. For everyone else, you’ll be expected to go home at the end of each night.

Q: Do I need a specific idea?

A: Coming in with an idea is great! But we also undertake an ideation exercise on day 1 to help you generate ideas, so there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved. All ideas are voted on at the end of day 1 and not all make the cut, so don’t get too hung up on it. It’s about the startup process, not any one idea.

Q: Is the info session prior to the weekend, mandatory?

A: All participants are expected to attend. It will help you set yourself up for a successful weekend. Please let us know with your application if you can’t attend.

Q: What’s the selection process?

A: We assess all applications equally and aim to select a wide range of participants across different ages, industries and experience levels. Diversity makes for a richer experience, so everyone has a great chance of being selected. Don’t overthink it – throw your hat in the ring and give it a go!

Q: Can I bring in my own team?

A: Your team is welcome to apply, but we can’t guarantee entry.

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